a Passion for sailing

Since many years the Velman brand means  high quality and long-lasting products. Our technology and the woven production are now a warranty of reliability.

 In 2016, the idea of sharing our passion for the sea and the sail world with an increasing number of people was born.  In this way, by joining our knowledge and experience about the sail production and the modern technologies, a new line of clothes and design came into life. 

Our ideas are simple and concrete, but at the same time the research for the perfection and the care about every sngle detail are our first aim.



sailor bag sail bag borse tessuto vela velman

 With the same attention and care we have been putting in making sails since more than 35 years, we decided to create a new line of innovative and original products. Until today we have always succeeded in makinga product which is characterized by high quality, which is long-lasting and at the same time beautiful. This is our mission for this new line of Velman Sails products.

Every woven and fabrics used are handmade and produced in our company from the very beginning. They are characterized by an orientated fiber which can be of different kinds (carbon, kevlar and polyester) and which can be closed by a mylar film and/or taffetta in dacron of high tenacity and in different colors.

Our lamination production lets us produce extraordinary high resistant woven, which will not change shape in time.


 The Velman Sails products Revolution

The orientation of the fiber and the design which follows is always different: in this way you will never find a sample which is equal to the other ones. The product you choose will be only yours, original and unique!

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