Sail wallet cloth sailing

With over than 30 years of experience in laminated woven, the Velman factory has always established itself as a leader in the high-tech sails sector. The new line of the Velman Sails wallets comes from the fusion between technology and craftsmanship: a real revolution in the field of nautical accessories. Every types of woven fabrics are entirely manufactured in our company. The result is an extraordinarily thin, soft and long-lasting object.


By purchasing a Velman wallet, you will buy a unique product of its kind: the orientation of the fiber and the design that follow are always different, and you will never find one specimen like the others. Our products are entirely handmade in Italy, and in particular inside our factory in Massa.

Sail wallet


With more than 2 meters of seams you will have a product that it will be at your side everyday.

Velman Sails wallets are extraordinary thin and soft: that's because our technology allow the woven lamination with the  highest pressure, by also reducing the glue which would harden the woven.

Carbon (black)  and kevlar (yellow) fibers  give to our product a strenght to the deformation and a total stability. In addition, the woven is water resistent and it becomes dry in few minutes. All our products can be hand-washed.

Sail wallet


Every wallet has 6 vertical pockets for cards, 2 internal horizontal pockets, one of them is closed by a garment closure with velcro for coins and 1 specific place for cash.


Size: Lenght 12 cm

          Large 9 cm

          Thickness 4 mm




Portafoglio marinaio vela

Wallets made by using our cruise woven. They are formed by a weft of fibers enclosed by a plastic film in turn, then covered by a taffettà "high tenacity Dacron" on both faces of the fabric. The interior trims are made with strips of dacron anti UV.



portafoglio da vela north sails

Wallets manifactured by using our racer woven: they are composed by a weft of fibers, all enclosed by a film. This first woven type is subsequently coupled with a second woven formed by a film of taffetà in order to give strength to the first woven fabric and to avoid that it can be seen inside it.